Welcome to the Lipsite Distributor Platform.

Thanks for choosing the Lipsite platform to sell and to make your life easier as a distributor!
Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for you and your customers to do business.
Find out how your Lipsite can help you sell more, and how you can customize it to make it uniquely “You!”

Inventory Management

While remaining compliant with Senegence®  we’ve developed an easy way to always have your inventory up to date for your customers, and keep track of sales for you!

Easy to shop! Easy to track!

Personal Messaging System

Send announcements to your customers, chat directly with individuals and keep your personal connection to your customers without intertwining your personal social media. This feature will also help you anticipate the demand for products & help guide customers to the perfect colors & products.

Keep in touch & keep your personal touch.

Customer Management

Keep your customers happy by easily figuring what products they want and easily see who already has Lipsense & Senegence obsession. See your customer’s current stock and when each product was purchased. This way you can remember to touch base when it’s time to reorder!

Anticipate their needs & keep ‘em happy!

Fully Customizable

No cookie cutter sites here! On top of having a mobile friendly & responsive website for any device, you can also customize your site to be uniquely YOU! Customize images, fonts, colors, and even the layout. Feel free to curate your page to fit your style or keep our template for ease of use.

Branding as unique as you!

The Biggest Resource For You & Customers!

We’ve carefully scoured the web looking for all LipSense colors & Senegence products! Even if you don’t have all of them in stock, you can still showcase every product & educate your customers to make sure they get what they want. Our pictures & resources are free to use if you have a site, and your site automatically comes with a gallery of images for each product.

Everything is finally in one place.

A Smart Financial Choice

Beyond the fact that your customers will LOVE this streamlined shopping experience that looks beautiful & is user friendly, we’ve made sure our prices are close to a Senesite. Your sales will increase & your wallet will thank you!

Check out our pricing page to get started!